Wreck Diving

diver over a wreck

The course will demonstrate practical knowledge of wreck diving, including the ability to identify and avoid potential hazards and the planning and procedures to make wreck diving fun. Below we describe the safety accessories you need to bring and the potential risks you need to consider before starting your first underwater expedition. Step one: Start […]

Tropical Waters

Young woman snorkeling in tropical water on vacation

While warming tropical water sounds good for an extended summer vacation, there is no shortage of food in these waters. Many whales, including the blue whale, humpback whale, and killer whale, all migrate to warm tropical waters to give birth to cubs, but eventually, they must return to polar and Arctic waters where there is […]

Tropical Rainforests Thailand

rainforest waterfall

Jungle hiking is one of the main attractions in northern Thailand, as it is the most popular tourist destination in Thailand for many reasons. They have developed breathtaking ecotourism activities that allow people to enter and experience the rainforest’s upper reaches and raise awareness of the importance of these endangered native forests and their environmental […]