Long tail boat at sunset in Thailand

Thailand see large groups of rare sea turtles while holidaymakers have deserted holiday resorts. The dry conditions in northern Thailand have caused more than 100,000 people, most of them Thais living in villages and towns in the north. In the third case, suffocation fires in the north have only increased, putting millions of people in […]

Thailand Transport

Tuktuk taxi on road of Sri Lanka Ceylon travel car

Water transport is very much in demand in Thailand to explore the never-ending excitement of Thailand. From tuk-tuks to car hire to TUKs, there are many ways to travel to Thailand and many different transportation types. Trains are slower than buses, but more comfortable and faster and more reliable than private buses for long-distance travel. […]

Thailand scuba diving

Scuba diver framed by sea fan.

If you are interested in providing an exciting diving experience, here are some of the reasons why you should dig it out and go scuba diving in Thailand. There are a few dive sites in Pattaya, but it is Koh Tao, the most popular destination in Thailand to get your driving license because it brings […]

Holidays in Thailand

A beautiful beach in Thailand

An estimated 12,000 people visit Thailand every year for New Year’s Eve, and there is a good reason for this, as Bangkok becomes a party centre at night. Many people go on holiday to Thailand to attend the famous beach parties, the most famous of which is probably the full moon party held every month […]

Thai Food

Thai food dishes

Eating Thai food if you live and eat in Thailand. Northern Thai dishes are dishes found in many different parts of the country, from the south to the north and east. In the north and northeast of Thailand, isan Thai food originates from the north, and in central Thailand, you will find many of the […]

Thailand Currency

Close up picture of Thai baht.

Thai baht at a much cheaper rate to exchange money with currency suppliers in Thailand, who are widely stocking up on it. Thailand’s economic rise has made it one of the world’s largest exporters of foreign currencies to the United States. If you are bring your money from abroad to get the best exchange rate, […]

Thailand Beaches

Romantic sunset over the beach. Koh Chang. Thailand

Koh Tao is one of my favourite beaches in Thailand, so I’ve put together some resources to help you anmd others make the most of your time there. If you are looking for a route with climbing and kayaking, Phra Nang beach is undoubtedly on your wish list. Phra Nang beach is one of Thailand’s […]

Thai Culture

Khon, pantomime performances action of Thailand, a kind of Thai drama

Thailand has a rich cultural heritage, religious tradition, and vibrant culture, but walking through Bangkok’s streets, one cannot deny that the country is rising to the future. Thailand may have been the driving force behind the rise of the Thai Nationalist Party (NPP) over the past decade, but many are proud to uphold their traditions. […]

Similan Islands Scuba Diving

Beach and waves at Similan National Park in Thailand

The Similan and Surin Islands are a National Park in Thailand and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand and was awarded by the National Geographic Society as the second most beautiful national park globally and as the third most picturesque park in Southeast Asia. The diving experience on the Similans Islands […]


Coconut Palm tree on the sandy beach background blue sky

Our guide to Phuket will help you plan your best trip to the island and give you the best places to visit. It will tell you how to move, save money, save money and help you plan, and give you a list of good restaurants, hotels, shops, restaurants, hotels in the city and some right […]