Similan Islands Scuba Diving

Beach and waves at Similan National Park in Thailand

The Similan and Surin Islands are a National Park in Thailand and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand and was awarded by the National Geographic Society as the second most beautiful national park globally and as the third most picturesque park in Southeast Asia. The diving experience on the Similans Islands is probably the best in Thailand and is ranked among the top ten diving destinations worldwide, making it an ideal destination for many. Similian Islands dive sites have been selected as the top dive destination in the world.
Diving at the Similan Islands dive sites, you can stay in the water all day and never get bored and dive for hours.
Similar dive centres exist, with 20 different dive sites spread over nine islands. Together we have well over 25 top dive sites, many of which cover areas too large for a single dive. Similan is also home to the Star IDC Center, which offers various diving activities, such as diving, snorkelling and ocean diving.
If you are looking to try some of the very best diving that Thailand has to offer, visit the Similan Islands. Divers worldwide have explored this fantastic diving area, and diversity above and below the surface makes the similan islands National Marine Park one of the most popular destinations for diving and snorkelling in Thailand.
You can travel to the Similan Islands to get more information about diving and snorkelling in Thailand, as well as a full list of our top dive sites.
Northeast of the island of Similan, you will find the largest number of marine mammals such as sharks, rays and whale sharks. You can also encounter manta rays and whale sharks as well as a variety of other fish species.
Here, too, the Similans Islands dive site is one of the best places to dive and offers you an excellent chance to see the fish you have always wanted to see. If you are interested in diving or looking for further diving training, the Similan Islands are also a great place to take a scuba diving course. Learn to dive in our Deep Diver course and learn the various diving techniques available to you during the time and a variety of other diving skills.
Some dive sites are located on the west side of the Similan Islands, and the east coast has sloping reefs. The western dive site of the Similans Islands is predominantly rocky, and here you will find the large sunken boulders that characterize diving at Similsans. Diving in Similan National Park, the southernmost area to dive into is the deepest with 1,500 meters.
Honeymoon Bay, which is not only a dive site on the Similan Islands, but also has a fantastic beach, which people can visit. The beach is located on the east side of Islands 4 and is also accessible from the Similans Islands. Most liveaboard tours to the islands include visiting this dive site and other dive sites in the area.
Besides the dive site, many of the spots found on the Similan Islands are equipped with equally remarkable finds, including coral reefs and even snorkelers, who can take a look under the water surface. The coral reefs are in fantastic condition, and there are several Similans Island liveaboard safaris that you can take during the high season. In May you can rent complete diving equipment for $400thB / day for up to one day or just $200B / day for a single day.
If you want to take a diving trip to the Similan Islands, you can go onboard instead of a day trip. If you have time, the best option for diving on the Similans Islands is to dive with Rebreather. You can do 3 hours of diving with a liveABoard dive for $400thB / day for a single day or up to $1,500 B / day if you do a 3-hour dive on one of the dive boards Similan Islands during high season.
Therefore, the Similan Islands are the right choice for choosing a dive wedding location, and you will undoubtedly find yourself in it. We recommend booking a liveABoard for $3 – 5 / day if you want to dive the famous Richelieu Rock dive site or have your wedding adventure on the Similans Islands on a low water boat.
We have done several dive sites in the Similan Islands to explore some of the most popular dive sites such as the Richelieu Rock dive site. We also went to the top of a Similans Islands dive site to have a great view of one of the most famous dive sites in the country, Red Rocks.

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