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If you are interested in providing an exciting diving experience, here are some of the reasons why you should dig it out and go scuba diving in Thailand. There are a few dive sites in Pattaya, but it is Koh Tao, the most popular destination in Thailand to get your driving license because it brings the awe-inspiring underwater world. It is also the cheapest place in the world to take a PADI course, and there is a wide range of dive sites on the island and several dive shops and restaurants. While there are many marvellous diving destinations in Thailand, such as Phuket and Chiang Mai, Pattaya is best known as a “diving destination” due to Bangkok’s proximity.
The Similan Islands are also located in the Andaman Sea and are touted as one of the best dive sites in Thailand, as they offer a wide range of dive sites and several dive shops and restaurants. These two dive paradise can be reached by boat from Phuket or Chiang Mai or by plane from Bangkok. Most of them are only a few minutes from the city of Pattaya, but they offer a great experience with stunning views of Thailand’s beautiful beaches and beautiful waters.
Most dives to Koh Lanta can be made from Phuket, although the dive sites nearby are not very special. If you are not planning to go there on your trip to Thailand, you can still reach these dive sites by boat, but it is also possible to dive in Ko Tao for a day trip instead. Most dive centres on Koh Samui take you to the best dive sites in the Andaman Sea as well as some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, so it is nothing special!
The best dive sites in Thailand are Daeng Phuket, Koh Samui and Koh Lanta in the Andaman Sea. These three dive sites can be reached by boat, although you can also dive on the beach of Ko Tao for a day trip instead of by boat.
Koh Chang has many other dive sites, but the best is the HTMS Chang, which is very close to Koh Samui. Koh Phi Phi is also a must for those who want to be near many important dive sites and make a diving holiday. One popular destination for scuba divers in Thailand if you want to reach it for a day trip or a week-long trip.
With five dives per day, including night dives, you can make the most of all the epic dives Thailand has to offer. If you want to try one of these dive sites, you are here for recommended tours and dive companies. Diving in Phi Phi and Phuket: The best dive sites in Thailand for a day trip or a week-long trip.
You can take a day trip to the local reefs or have local Thai divers show you the best dive sites in Thailand. You can find remote luxurious diving resorts, or you can be shown around by locals and Thai divers. Diving in Samui: This may not be suitable for diving, but there are several excellent dive sites, such as Koh Phuket National Park, that can be combined with a stay at one of Samuai’s excellent resorts.
Although learning to dive is not cheap, Koh Tao is one of the most affordable places to dive and offers beginners great dives. Those who are already certified will feel comfortable underwater, but for those without certification, there are many places in Thailand where you can get accredited diving, such as Khao. Although it is more expensive to learn to dive, the experience’s quality is considered better, so it is a great place to start.
The two dive sites are not for beginners, but they are great for divers, where you can meet many people on the island and get good food and drinks.
For those who stay in the Andaman region, a little closer to the coast, the Phuket Islands are a great place to stay while exploring a wealth of underwater pleasures. The best dive destinations in the southwest are Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Khao San Road and Chon Buri. Thailand is best reached by boat from the south coast of the country, from Chulalongkorn National Park, Thailand’s capital. The best time for whales and sharks is from March to May, but November to April is the best time for sharks and other marine life such as dolphins and whales.
If this little paradise is right for you, you can learn more by booking a trip to Chulalongkorn National Park, one of the world’s most popular diving destinations.





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